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30 Day Success Plan

Weekly Accountability

Deal Hotline

Weekly Seminars

Producers Bootcamp

The Success Card

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Sylvi Winnick

Bobby, thank you for all you have done to help me grow in my Real Estate Career.  Many people "say" they will help you and answer "That Call" at 9:00 pm but you actually Do! That alone is huge.


The continual motivation, training and support you bring is incredible. Being in professional sales for over 20 years, I have experienced many bosses but very few mentors I respect.  You are a true mentor. 


Diante Lawrence

When I was looking for a team to join, I was looking to work with with high level people who cared about helping me build wealth, not just close deals. When I met Bobby and his partner Gil, I knew I had found my real estate home. Bobby coached me to become a six figure producer in my first 1 year! Furthermore I have continued to grow my real estate investment business and look forward to growing a huge real estate business with Bobby's guidance.


Eddie Torres

I met Bobby back in September of last year when I was in my second year of real estate. At the time I worked for another brokerage and I was looking for something to take my business to the next level. At that time I was only working part time and was introduced to him from a mutual friend. Honestly I didn’t even know how crucial this meeting was to myself and my future. We sat down and got to know each other. Right away I could tell that he was knowledgeable, trustworthy and hungry to help out.  Ever since he has been the mentor and coach that I needed to guide me and my business to the next level. With his mentoring I have not only seen my business grow, but I’ve seen my personal development grow as well. He’s always been an encyclopedia of information for me and gives it robustly. I left my other job and haven’t looked back since. Meeting him was a blessing that continues to help provide for family and my future. 


Corrine Defilippis

Thanks to Bobby I’ve learned so many important lessons and new skill sets in my Real Estate Business. The most important thing is he cares about your growth and helping you with anything at anytime. He’s a teacher, a leader, & a friend to us! I know I can go to him for any questions I may have or if I don’t know what to do in a certain situation and I need guidance. Thank you Bobby for all your support! I’ve learned so much from you and it continues to boost my career in the right direction! You’re the best! I highly recommend Bobby’s mentorship program it will drastically change your career! 


Derek Deler

Starting as a brand new agent it was important to me to have as much support and guidance as possible. Bobby has been mentoring me and showing me how to succeed at a high level in this business since day one. When it comes to breaking down the fundamentals of the real estate industry and how to maximize your potential as an agent,  Bobby has got it nailed down.